22,000,000 litres of fuel tracked showing average
reductions of emissions of 50%.

Welcome to OptiFuel

OptiFuel is a trading name of Opti Global Resources Ltd.

Born out of a problem. Making engines around the world be it on road, sea or air cleaner by reducing significantly Nox, CO, CO2.

OptiFuel is a NEW product. Tested and further developed in conjunction with Eindhoven University. Produced in the EU under contract using catalysts supplied from the UK and distributed world wide via one of the UKs leading chemical companies.

A fuel catalyst that harnesses the power of catalytic chemistry applies it to petroleum-based fuels and biodiesel.

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Improves mileage by 10-25%
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Reduces NOx emissions
by 30-60%
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Reduces SOx emissions
by 15-60%
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Reduces CO2 emissions
up to 10%

Tested & Proven

Other products on the market have had issues with;

  • The system to dose fuel too clunky and fails due to lack of control.
  • Data not consistent from sites.
  • Products not suspended in fuel requiring agitation leading to confusing and inconsistent results.

OptiFuel International have researched and developed the product so that it suspends in fuel without the derogation, carried out more diligence trials. OptiFuel is more efficient and is easily used in any combination of dosing at fuel terminal, large fuel tanks, individual dosing direct into HGV, Vans, Cars, plant and equipment fuel tanks.

Successfully passed industry standard “no harm” engine testing performed by Innospec, Inc., a world leader in fuel additive manufacture/marketing.

Does not affect fuel conformity with national standards such as ASTM D972, EN590, SANS 342, ASTM D6751, and EN14214.

Works with diesel, biodiesel, diesel/biodiesel blends, and petrol (with or without added ethanol).

Our Values

Our belief is that although change needs to happen and a move away from fossil fuels is imminent and required, there are millions of modes of transport on roads and oceans run by individuals or organisations that are not able to replace them due to financial constraints or allowing convincing technological advancement.

OptiFuel allows for these vehicles to be cleaned NOW, meaning a reduction of emissions whilst viable, affordable alternatives can be found.

Raw materials for manufacture are inexpensive and available in bulk worldwide and OptiFuel can be shipped by air freight, rail or marine.

Rigorously Tested
Proven Effective